The Head Soundie


Hi guys. I’m Jack Lynskey, Co-Director of Walsh Films. I’ve written a short blog on my involvement with Walsh Films and having the opportunity to work along side Shannon. Enjoy!

Who is Jack Lynskey?

SO it all started when I was working part time at the Odeon cinema in Warrington. I had been working there for nearly year whilst studying for an acting qualification. I was so unsure as to what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew it had to be something to do with making film. Shannon joined the Odeon team at Christmas 2014, and our endless discussions about making films opened my eyes to the endless possibilities behind the camera.

A Taste for the Film Industry

I first got involved with her company, Walsh Films, when it got its first big break through, being offered the funds to produce a short film for a charity called Safe AS that supported young boys through domestic abuse. It was my first experience behind the camera, and was open to learning everything I could. I assisted during the auditioning process, budgeting and scheduling the script, and running during the shoot.

A Romance Bloomed...

Me and Shannon shortly began to date, and before we knew it we’d moved in together! After 4 and a half years together, I proposed in May 2019! During our early days together we used to do work placements together on short films in the North West. Shannon quickly gained experience in Assistant Directing and started work on ITV’s Emmerdale. I however, hovered around as a runner, still confused as to where I fitted in it all.... Until I picked up a boom pole!

The Path Became Clear

I was given the chance to fill in for a Boom Op on a short film, who had decided to back out at the last minute. I was quickly taught everything I needed to know and shoved out on to set. And I knew straight away, this was the department for me. Within 3 months I had my own kit and began freelancing on commercials and short projects. And the rest is history really! I started to get work on Emmerdale, which turned in to work on Coronation Street, which gave me the contacts for a gig on a CBBC show, which turned into a Sky Atlantic series...etc. Its been an absolute blast!! I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

Walsh Films

While me and Shannon progressed in our television careers, we were working on Walsh Films during any free time we could find! Working weekends and holidays to make sure it kept busy. And I of course appointed myself ‘Head Soundie’! Working on all the production sound, SFX, and sound scapes.

Since Shannon was diagnosed with chronic pain at the beginning of 2018, I took on a much larger role in the company, learning how to use all of the camera equipment, while Shannon taught me about editing, and camera composition. Shannon lost her career to her condition, but her drive to continue pushing Walsh Films, drove me to push my limits, and develop the company with her. I’ve had the opportunity to work on short films, music video shoots, community projects and charity films. We’ve most recently hired a designer to rebrand, and we launched Walsh Films Weddings in 2019!

So, that’s me! Thanks for reading!


Shannon Walsh