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Brand films are a creative and effective way to promote your business or event. Short or long, fun or serious, Brand Films can represent your business’s core values across all media platforms. We can create dramatic short films, creative commercials, avant-garde ‘dance for film’ or on the nose documentaries. We can honestly cater to any of your creative needs!



Cinema and drama is where our true passion lies, if you have a script, a creative vision or even just a great idea, please get in touch and we'd be happy to pull together incredible cast and crew across the UK to produce and direct short films, hard hitting documentaries, or even music videos.

Apex Predator

Suffering in Silence

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Small Business

As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of creating promotional videos to boost sales and showcase work. We've had the pleasure of working with Designer Amy Griffiths for the Launch of her new Fashion Brand ‘Mon Ami’. And more recently worked with Creator Kathy Ollerhead to create an eye-catching video for her gift shop ‘The Merry Maker’.

Mon Ami

About Mon Ami


The Merry Maker



We've worked with Winter Wonderland Manchester for five years, creating commercials and fun short films. Whether you are a large event organiser or a small business running a fundraiser, Walsh Films can cater to your needs.

Winter Wonderland Manchester Promo

Santa is gearing up for Christmas


Harry & Co - Child Bereavement Charity

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Whether you are running a dance academy, organising a theatre performance, or a solo performer in need of promotional videos, Walsh films are here for you. We can create anything from commercials, to artistic ‘dance for film’ videos. Please see our below examples:

Ballerina Bear - Ballet Promo

BBOY KY - Dance Promo

JC Dance Annual Variety Show Promo

Better To Have Loved


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